It’s hard to be a know-it-all when everyone’s computers know more. 

Arthur Phillips, award-winning novelist and Jeopardy! champ, had a peculiar mid-life crisis.  One day, he woke and realized that the Web had killed his sense of wonder.  Everything miraculous and beautiful somehow became drab when typed into the search box of a browser to mass-produce pages and pages of text and pictures.

Driven to discover something cool he couldn’t find online, Phillips traveled to remote corners of the earth. The journey took him to Antarctica, Siberia, Irian Jaya, the Himaylayas… and failure. He returned home, despondent.  

Then he noticed a bump on his neck.  

What baffled doctors and led to a multidisciplinary discovery also led to The Knowledge, the podcast for which the story of Phillips’ health scare became the inaugural episode.   Since then, The Knowledge has sought out extraordinary stories from science, history, culture and politics that have somehow slipped through the cracks. Stories you can’t find on a quick Google search. With every episode, The Knowledge reminds us that the world is still a place of wonder, the greatest adventure there is, and something wider than the Web.

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ARTHUR PHILLIPS (Host) is an internationally best-selling novelist. He has also been a child actor, a jazz musician, a speechwriter, a dismally failed entrepreneur and a five-time Jeopardy! champion. He is the author of Prague, The Egyptologist, Angelica, The Song Is You, and The Tragedy of Arthur. A native of Minneapolis, he now lives in New York with his wife and two sons.

ANNELISE MURIE (Producer and “Fairy Godmother”) is a 20-year veteran of public radio stations. She launched her career in Little Rock and proceeded through St. Louis, Chicago, and finally Washington, DC, where she met Arthur Phillips at a book-reading for The Tragedy of Arthur. When he told her the story that later became Episode 1: A Growth of Knowledge, she developed his recollections into a podcast. It is, she says, “the dream of a lifetime to be able to work on something that excites me intellectually every single day I come into work.”

HANNAH KATZ (Co-Producer) is a native of Eugene, Oregon, and a 2012 graduate of Pomona College. Hannah is thrilled to be launching her media career at The Knowledge. Hannah is a former ballet dancer as well as an accomplished lute player.

CURT DONALDSON (Sound Editor) has been working on web, radio, and stage projects for five years. A graduate of SUNY Stonybrook, he makes his home in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He denies being, despite all appearances, a hipster.

MATT ROBERTS (Recording Engineer) gives his time eagerly to The Knowledge when he is not also running his multi-media start-up Lion’s Mane Entertainment. A native of Dallas, Matt sends out a big “Hey yo!” to Lana and Darren.

PETER MACGREGOR (Consultant) received his MD/PhD from Brown University and serves as on-call scientist to The Knowledge, answering questions about medicine and the life sciences or, “more commonly, providing references to those who can.”

DAVE PADILLA (Executive in Charge of Production) comes to The Knowledge from the world of public media development and arts fundraising. He has been on the boards of ballets, operas, theaters, and museums, including stints at PBS and the Kennedy Center for the Arts. Were it not for Dave, The Knowledge would exist only in Arthur Phillips’ living room.